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About Ray

Hi. My name is Ray.

I’ve been a DJ since the age of 15. I grew up in a city full of music, from all over the world that help my future journey as an entertainer in the business.
House music in the 90s, was my push to start mixing and testing the art of DJing.My first gigs were school parties and family events. At the age of 17, I got my first residency in a night club and experience that special adrenaline in making people dance and have a good time.
Coming to America in my 20s from Uruguay and adapting to the different cultures, traditions and variety of genres was a major step to become what I am today.
20 years of experience and thousands of celebrations of all kinds, providing the best customer service and professional equipment that you and your guests deserve.
Every party is special, and by selecting the right music and sharing my long trajectory on planning, schedule and MC to make an unforgettable moment, gives me that feeling of accomplishment of a successful day. Audio, Lighting and Video production. DEE JAY RAY (se habla español)